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Leibniz AI Academy for students

These are just a handful of examples that are meant to demonstrate how Leibniz AI Academy can benefit students. Do you see yourself in any of them? then reach out to us!


Mary, the Mechanical Engineer

Mary studies Mechanical Engineering and knows the basics of a simple programming language like python and statistics from her university courses. She wants to enter into the field of AI by getting a free-of-cost qualification that helps her combine what she has learned so far in her course with the state-of-the-art techniques in AI. Here is how Leibniz AI Academy could help her:

  1. Mary takes basic courses in Machine Learning and Data Science to get a brief overview of how her knowledge of stochastic relates to the field of Machine Learning.
  2. Based on these basic competencies, Mary studies Computer vision ad Deep Learning as specialized courses to further her understanding of how the basics connect to these fields.
  3. At this point, Mary has a good understanding of various techniques in Computer Vision and Deep Learning to understand multiple aspects of the current models in the field. Thus, she finally combines her knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and AI by specializing in Applications of AI in production
  4. Armed with the micro-degree, Mary is ready to enter the industry and add value to the production pipelines of various companies with her competencies, and strong domain knowledge in Mechanical Engineering.

Just like Mary, another student John who specializes in medicine can take a similar path and integrate AI education by finally specializing in Intelligent image processing for medical technology.